Yoga is good for your physical and mental health. It relieves stress and helps you feel better. However, not everyone has the time, energy, or money to go to a yoga studio. That is where apps like Yoga Monkey come in. These apps make yoga very simple and time-flexible. This one in particular uses a monkey – because Monkey See, Monkey Do, right?

Developer: Guru Inc.

Cost: Free


User Interface

Yoga Monkey uses a nice hamburger menu to present the available settings and then tabs to access your coursework. The light yellow used throughout the app is quite attractive and everything is placed in a really fluid experience. The video player for the courses is a bit rudimentary, but it’s still easy to go through the different videos.

In these videos, it shows you everything you’re supposed to be doing. There’s also a voice that explains everything as well. However, the voice doesn’t feel very human, but that does not get in the way of understanding the instructions.

Ad Obtrusiveness

I can’t say that Yoga Monkey’s ads are obtrusive as much as they are just strange. They show up after you pause a video… SOMETIMES. That being said, they don’t interfere with any functions of the video player. As soon as you start your video, the ad disappears.


Yoga Monkey has a lot of things to keep you on track. It has 10 series, ascending by rank. In each series, there are 10 videos that appear in a timeline. Aside from the series, there’s a calendar to help keep you organized. If there’s a desired effect you’re looking for, you can add additional plugins such as weight loss, better sleep, etc.


Yoga monkey is great for all users. It has a good interface with a system that keeps you motivated to do yoga each and every day.

Download and install Yoga Monkey from the Google Play Store.

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