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Google+ updated to version 7.3: enhanced community moderation and notification filtering features [APK Download]

What is it? Google has pushed an update to its official Google+ app on Android to bring it to version 7.3 and with it a few small,...

Clocks is a dead-simple yet attractive game (review)

Overview The mobile game market tends to have emphasis placed on opposing ends of the spectrum.  On one end you have the very (and sometimes...

3Coins is a simple, challenging and addictive game (App review)

One of the joys of mobile gaming is the ability to open it right up in the palm of your hand and get started....

Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates begin for select Nexus models

Google on Monday kicked off the week by releasing the latest version of its mobile software platform, Android 6.0 Marshmallow. According to Google, select...

Eboe review: Simplicity at its simplest

Eboe is an extremely simple yet extremely hard game. You are placed in a circle and have to move clockwise or anti-clockwise to avoid...

Yet More Android Business Models

Last September brought you five blog posts outlining 40 business models worth considering with Android. Here, find another 9, in today's episode of Building 'Droids!

Poppet – a 2D game for players of all ages (review)

Overview Poppet, a 2D scrolling game, welcomes you with a colorful purple character wearing goggles into what looks like a scene out of a food-induced...

Review: Tribit XSound Mega Portable Speaker (Podcast)

The XSound Mega Bluetooth Speaker is a waterproof portable Bluetooth unit with LED lights that ring the front face. Learn more in this review.

Android releases new features ahead of holiday season

Android announced new features to wow users as they prepare for the new year. The new features will also be useful during the upcoming...

Reviewing Ekster Wallet offerings

Minimalistic wallets are a going trend. Gone are the days of the giant tri-fold wallets of our forefathers. Those bulky back pocket...

Volla Phone 22 review

More and more users are considering how they include privacy alongside technology. Smartphones can be a struggle as Google doesn't exactly scream user-first privacy...

Sunlu FilaDryer S2 Review

The Sunlu Filadryer S2 is a fantastic way to dry out filament for your 3D printer. It supports 99% of filament available, including PLA, PLA+, PETG, ABS, and more.

Toshiba H13 Air Purifier review

When living in the South, there are things that are just more environmentally common. For me, that's seasonal allergens that wreck my...

Hands-on: Poly Studio P5 Webcam

Looking for a well-rounded, inexpensive way to improve your video chats? Consider the Poly Studio P5 and its suite of features.

AIRROBO P20 Robot Vacuum review

The AIRROBO P20 is a no-frills robot vacuum cleaner that delivers on expectations, and then some. Learn more about it in this review.