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Android 12 gets an update for large screens and foldables

Google this week announced that an Android 12L update is coming to the platform, targeting tablets, foldables, and large-screen devices.

Android will begin revoking permissions automatically on unused apps on more phones beginning in...

Beginning in December, Google will start automatically revoking permissions from apps that haven't been used for months on phones running Android 6.0 and above.

Android 12 Beta 2 is out with new privacy features

Google has released Android 12 Beta 2 with brand new privacy controls, such as microphone and camera indicators, the Privacy Dashboard, and more.

Digital car keys, Android Auto, and Android Automotive OS are coming to more vehicles...

Google is making strides in getting wireless Android Auto and Android Automotive OS into more vehicles, and also working on digital car keys using UWB and NFC technology.

Google shows off Android 12’s key features

Google kicks off its Google I/0 2021 conference with an official look at Android 12's new design changes as well as its core features.

Android 12 Developer Preview now available for Pixel devices

Google on Thursday rolled out its first semi-official look at the next version of Android. The Android 12 Developer Preview is...

Leaked slide tips Google’s hand for future of Stadia, Android TV, more

Google has a pretty busy calendar of events planned for its Android TV and Stadia endeavors over the next few years, according to a...