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Mobvoi TicKasa ANC Headphones being worn

Mobvoi announces TicKasa ANC Headphones with 30-hour battery life

Mobvoi, the producers of the TicPods 2, one of our favorite budget wireless earbuds, has made an offering in the over-ear headphone world with...

Wireless audio codecs and where headphones are today

Wireless headphones have come a long way, but has Bluetooth audio fidelity? Yes and no. The codecs are in place, but not so much the support. This is where we are today.
Fiio Q5 DAC

Fiio Q5 HiFi Bluetooth-Capable Portable DAC review: The value to beat

Fiio has been in the audio player game a long time. Its newest flagship DAC, the Q5, is based on the excellent X7 Mark II. So that means it sports an all-metal build, Balanced output, Bluetooth support, and of course, top-notch audio.
Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Headphones

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Headphones Review – The best on-ears?

The Aventho Wireless does so many things right, from its immaculate construction to its powerhouse sound quality. But is it worth the high asking price? Find out all the deets in our review!

Marshall MID Bluetooth on-ear headphones review

Since the mid-1960's Marshall has been producing top notch sound producing devices in the way of guitar amplifiers. The brand has been known over...

Qualcomm to boost Bluetooth audio quality with new aptX HD codec

Let's face it. While Bluetooth audio streaming is a neat convenience, even expensive solutions are inferior in terms of audio quality to their wired counterparts....

GoGroove RCV HD Bluetooth Receiver review

In the past, we reviewed a neat little accessory by GoGroove - the RCV Bluetooth Receiver. It is essentially a solution to Bluetooth-enable an audio...

Marshall created an audiophile smartphone

We always love when random companies decide to produce a smartphone.  Today we have a new one, by Marshall, who's name is most associated with their historically successful...