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Twilight: filter your phone’s blue light for a better night’s sleep

Developer: Urbandroid TeamPrice: Free w/$2.99 Pro unlockCategory: Like to sleep betterWhat you need to know No, this is not the tween 2010 vampire vs werewolves movies....

CLARO changes your Android wallpapers for you (review)

Have you ever looked at your home screen picture and thought....that has been the same forever? It has become easier than ever to change...

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! Drop Snap VS. all Competitors!

Recently, good friends of Android Guys, Chris Soyars and Martin B. (chrissoyars and optedoblivion) released a handy app called Drop Snap. The app automatically uploads images taken on your Android phone to your dropbox account with no muss and no fuss. Take a picture and BAM, your photo uploads for safe keeping. Kind of like an eyefi for your Android device.