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Sprint to Launch LG G5 on April 1

Sprint will offer the LG G5 on Friday, April 1, almost a month after the intial device announcement. Pre-orders for theĀ LG G5 begin online...

The OnePlus Two is now officially on sale (If you have an invite)

OnePlus recently announced theĀ OnePlus Two, successor to the OnePlus One, earlier in the month. While it probably isn't the "Flagship Killer" as they promised,...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Available Now!

The long awaited Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is finally available.The Tab 10.1 is Samsung's successor to the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab.You might have seen the Galaxy Tab 10.1 earlier back at Google I/O when everyone who attended the keynote received a limited edition version. At any rate, the Tab 10.1 is now available at Best Buy, as well as other retailers across the country.