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Vessel Bags Signature 2.0 backpack review

The Vessel Bags Signature 2.0 is a classy and functional backpack with a smaller overall footprint. Don't let its size fool you, though. Read our review.

Best bags and backpacks for carrying your gear this spring (Spring 2020)

Whether it's for daily needs or the occasional weekend getaway, we all have different needs for carrying gear. Here are some of the best backpacks and bags.

Grab new tech from Solo NY, TENVIS, Samson, Handle Plus

We're back with another round of tech that you're sure to love. This time we've picked items from all over the spectrum, each with cool and interesting features.
Moshi Venturo Feature

Moshi Venturo laptop backpack review: classy with function

With the school year being in full swing for more than a month, we take for granted what we use to carry around all...

TYLT ENERGI+ an awesome backpack that charges your stuff

Kickstarter can be real hit or miss sometimes. For every great idea that gets funded, there's another that never seems to materialize. Lucky for...