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HTC announces CryptoKitties support for its U12+ flagship

HTC is trying to make its latest flagship, the U12+ more enticing for potential buyers. The company announced the phone will soon get CryptoKitties support.

Is mobile Bitcoin mining actually profitable? (Promoted)

When it comes to Bitcoin mining, many people imagine a large number of computers in one tiny room and huge amounts of electricity being...

The best Bitcoin wallets for Android devices (Promoted)

Bitcoin is an unusual and revolutionary technology, and with this, there are a lot of extreme stories surrounding the currency. If you’re looking to...

Trading Game wants to make you a Wall Street whiz (Sponsored App Review)

Overview: Trading Game is an educational tool for would-be investors who want to learn how to be savvy traders in the financial world. It covers...

Bitcoin Wallet by Coinbase: Making Bitcoin easy for everyone

Bitcoin isn’t new. In fact, Wikipedia points to the date of introduction as being January 3, 2009. But still many people have never heard...