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Huawei’s TalkBand B5 wearable/Bluetooth headset is now official

Huawei is prepping a new wearable. It's called the TalkBand B5 and like its predecessor, the TalkBand B3 it will also double as a Bluetooth headset.

House of Marley Uplift 2 review: Striking and well-designed, but falls short in performance

House of Marley's Uplift 2 Wireless Headset provides a beautiful aesthetic and solid sound quality, but at $79.99, is it worth the price tag?

MindKoo offers 40% off its adorable cat-ear bluetooth headset (Promoted Deals)

When it comes to earphones, not everyone wants to hunker down and hide from the world - yeah, I'm that guy on the bus...

Jabra Eclipse: Yet another great Bluetooth earpiece (review)

Let's face it: cables are becoming increasingly annoying. They get in the way or catch and snag on things, and when using headphones, usually you're going to...

Jabra Stealth review

  The Good Fantastic design, with ergonomic featuresSuperb sound qualityGoogle Now integrationPlethora of added ear tips, for added comfort The Bad Limited Google Now integrationLimited, added...