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Boost Mobile tax day promo includes free phone when you switch

Tax time is almost here, and you know what that means, some of us are going to get hit with a big bill. However,...
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Boost Mobile rings up budget-friendly offers for Black Friday

Boost Mobile has a number of great deals on some of the more budget-friendly smartphones in its lineup. That's not to suggest...

Boost Mobile’s ‘Carrier Crusher’ plan is $25 for unlimited everything, for life

Boost Mobile on Thursday announced a new rate plan that's going to be pretty damn tough to beat.
Boost Mobile Celero 5G

Boost Mobile Celero 5G review

The Celero 5G is the first smartphone launched by the Dish-owned Boost Mobile. Launched in September of this year, the Celero 5G...
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Boost Mobile’s latest Carrier Crusher plan is an all-you-can-eat buffet

Boost Mobile has been on a roll will its latest offerings. Less than a month ago, the prepaid carrier offered its first round of...

Boost Mobile launches the Carrier Crusher plans

This holiday season, Boost Mobile is coming out swinging. Beginning today, Boost looks to empower consumers with their first-ever plans to utilize the AT&T...

TCL debuts a pair of affordable phones for various carriers

TCL has introduced two new low-cost phones, the TCL 20 XE and TCL 20A 5G, tapping them for a number of wireless carriers.

Get two 12-month plans of unlimited talk, text, & 2GB at Boost for $8...

Double the Perks! Get two 12-month plans of unlimited talk, text, & 2GB of monthly data with Boost Mobile for just $8 per month.

Boost Mobile Buyer’s Guide

How much do you know about the DISH prepaid subsidiary Boost Mobile? Here's a primer that lets you know your options, including rate plans and features.

Grab a Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and one month of service for...

Are you in the market for a new smartphone? What are your primary concerns? Looking for a large screen, great battery, and...

The best Android phones available at Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has plenty of Android phones to choose from but some are better than others. These are the best of the bunch for January 2020.

How to unlock your Sprint phone

Want to unlock your Sprint phone? This guide will help you understand the carrier's process and set some expectations. It's not all that difficult!

Coolpad Legacy Brisa review

In a world where $350 defines budget smartphones, the Legacy Brisa would be considered "ultra-budget". How does the $100 handset stack up?

Boost Mobile’s new 2GB rate plan is just $10 per month

Boost Mobile introduces a limited-time $10 rate plan which gives new subscribers 2GB high-speed data. What's the catch? Read on to learn more.

Boost Mobile adds $100 Coolpad Legacy Brisa to roster

Boost Mobile's latest phone, the Coolpad Legacy Brisa, is an an entry-level handset that costs less than $100. Read on to learn more about the device.