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Cloud Storage

What cloud storage options are available for photos in 2021?

A list of available cloud storage options in 2021 for people looking to store their photos.

What are the best cloud storage services for my Android?

We live in a fast-paced world with files and documents scattered across multiple devices. It's time to start backing things up and keeping better track of them. Here are some of the best apps and services as it comes to cloud storage solutions for your Android.

Apps for saving and sharing your files (Roundup)

A couple weeks ago I spoke about setting up a Box account to get yourself 10GB of free cloud storage. To that point, we...

Set up a Box account and get 10GB of cloud storage, FREE!

  In todays ever changing landscape of technology and security, there is always a need for a place to back up those important documents or simply...

The LG G5 is official: Everything you need to know

LG's new flagship smartphone, the LG G5, is now official. If you stay updated with Android news and rumours, you have probably already been...

Just got your Galaxy S5? Don’t forget about your FREE GIFTS!

Were you one of the thousands to get a Galaxy S5 this weekend? Samsung's new flagship is out in full force and comes toting...