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Take your first steps towards a programming career with this training bundle, just $30

Build your IT career foundation with 41 hours of basic content on the top programming languages — C#, SQL, .NET Core, and more.

Take the hassle out of charging with these fully reversible USB 2.0 accessories

You see USB Type-C trying to gain a foothold as the next generation of chargers, but Android’s largest manufacturer, Samsung, stayed with the current...

The future is awesome with Google’s Project Tango

When Google recently sold Motorola to Lenovo, it kept the vey best part of the company for itself, the Advanced Technology and Projects group, which...

ZTe Blade C to be released soon with Android Jelly Bean

ZTE, who's Blade line of phones is becoming increasingly popular, is set to release another Blade device. The company from China is going to...