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Rugged Cat S62 comes to T-Mobile for $500

The rough and tumble Cat S62 is headed for T-Mobile where it will carry a $500 price tag. The rugged phone is built for all purposes.

Rugged CAT S62 Pro arrives with Advanced Thermal Imaging

Bullitt Group on Thursday announced its latest rugged smartphone, the CAT S62 Pro. Available as an unlocked handset in the US, it...
Bullitt Group and Motorola Partnership

Bullitt Group announces partnership to make rugged Motorola phones

Bullitt Group is the producer of rugged mobile phones, primarily as the mobile licensee of the Caterpillar (CAT/Cat Phones) brand. This includes phones such...

CAT S42 smartphone review

When I think of CAT or Caterpillar products an Android smartphone is definitely not the first, or even tenth, thing I think of. Bulldozers,...

CAT debuts rugged S42 for GSM carriers

The Cat S42 is a mid-range phone that's bolstered by its incredibly tough exterior. Learn more about the rugged unlocked handset.

Rough and tumble Cat S48c phone comes to Verizon

The Cat S48c is available to all Verizon Business and Enterprise customers for $250 with a two-year contract or $600 retail.

Sprint dials up rugged Cat S48c phone for $20 per month

The rugged Cat S48c can withstand extreme temps, shock, dust, drops, and anything else you will throw its way. The phone goes on sale November 9.