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Chrome is now giving you zero excuses to keep your passwords updated and secure

Chrome is rolling out a new feature that will detect if your passwords have become compromised and automate updating them to a more secure one.

How to block ads on Google Chrome Mobile without root or apps

This guide will teach you how to block ads on Google Chrome mobile in a few simple steps, saving you the trouble of awkward ads and data being used.

Google’s Chrome browser gets a new look and features as it turns 10

Google is celebrating 10 years since it introduced the Chrome browser. So the company has unleashed a big update which brings a new look, new optimizations.

How to access your desktop computer from your Android

Want to have access to your desktop on the go? You can do so from your Android device and here's the tutorial to help you do it.

Want to play YouTube in the background of your Android? Here’s how

This handy trick lets you to play YouTube in the background, while doing something else on your phone or turning the screen off.

The Janam XT100 is a rugged smartphone with barcode scanner

Janam claims to be able to offer what other rugged smartphone manufacturers haven't with its new XT100 model which was unveiled today.

Seven Chrome alternatives for browsing on Android

Just because your phone came with Google Chrome installed doesn't mean it's the best for your needs. Here's a collection of others working looking at in 2018.

Android 8.1 could allow SMS messages to be sent from a Chromebook

Sending text messages on the Chromebook is something we've heard about before but never materialized. Now the function has turned up in the Developer...

Get webpages to load faster in Chrome for Android with Brotli

Frustrated that your webpages load at terrible speeds when using Chrome on your mobile? Maybe you should try switching Wi-Fis. Or enable Brotli. Brotli...

“Pay with Google” makes the Android shopping experience a lot smoother

Google this week is making it easier for users to shop on their Android device by rolling out Pay with Google. The new feature lets...

Daydream View users can now browse the web in VR with Chrome

Google is looking to make VR more mainstream. To that end, Chrome's “happiness evangelist” François Beaufort, recently announced on Google+ that VR web browsing...

Enable Reader Mode in Chrome for Android [How-To]

As most of you probably know all too well, reading on a mobile device isn’t always a pleasurable experience. In cases where a web...

Fill out forms automatically with Chrome for Android [How-to]

Every time you purchase something online you will need to go through a standard set of steps: you’re required to fill in your personal...

Change your Android phone’s default browser to Chrome [How-To]

Most Android manufacturers usually bundle their phone or tables with their own web browsers. My Xiaomi Mi 4i has one and it’s super slow...

How to move Chrome’s navigation bar at the bottom of your display

Do you often use your smartphone with one hand? With handsets getting bigger and bigger it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Fortunately, there...