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CHUWI UBook Pro unboxed and detailed

CHUWI has released its unboxing video on Youtube, showing the detailed hardware information and brief overview of the UBook Pro with Intel N4100 processor.

CHUWI offers up the HiPen H6, a low-cost alternative to the Microsoft Surface Pen

Touch screen Chromebooks and laptops, and 2-in-1 devices are becoming increasingly popular. Students, graphic artists, and business professionals routinely use these on a daily...

CHUWI UBook figures to be more cost-effective than Microsoft Surface Go

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement. In early 2019, CHUWI launched a 2-in-1 tablet UBook...

Chuwi lets you save up to 37% on Android tablets this Christmas (Promoted)

Low-cost tablet maker, Chuwi is giving you the chance to save big on tablets this holiday season. So check out its offers now!

Get some of CHUWI’s best tech for 20% off during Cyber Monday

Are you in shopping mode? With Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday in full swing, the deals are popping off everywhere. There are...

Chuwi shares its Black Friday deals, save up to $120 on tablets/laptops (Promoted)

Chuwi has some deals you might want to take advantage of this Black Friday. Check out the brand's Gearbest shop to see the offers.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus is a great iPad Pro alternative that costs only $199 (Promoted)

Need a tablet for productivity/entratinment, but the new iPad Pro it's just too expensive? Take a look at the $199 Chuwi Hi9 instead.

Chuwi’s ultra-light Hi9 Plus tablet goes up for pre-order, is already discounted (Promoted)

Looking for a new tablet? Chuwi's latest Hi9 Plus offering is very light (only 500 g) and thin and is currently discounted at Aliexpress.

Gearbest offering phones and mobile tech with deep discounts

Now is a great time to pick up a new phone, tablet, or other household gadget. Head to Gearbest to see what's on sale using these coupon codes!

Chuwi announces the Hi9, a budget tablet with some pretty impressive specs

Chuwi is a Chinese manufacturer that's been trying to get into the US electronics market for a couple years now. Generally more well known...

Chuwi HiBox MiniPC dual boots Android and Windows 10 and only costs $150

Is it getting to be that time where you need to consider a new PC for the home or office? What are your needs?...

Chuwi drops prices by 30% at retailers for holiday shopping

What a time to be a tech shopper. Whether it's phones, tablets, portable accessories, drones, or something else, this is the best time of the...

Snag a Chuwi 10050mAh battery bank for $23

How often do you find yourself running out of juice on your phone? While that sort of thing isn't nearly as bad as it...

Chuwi celebrates 12th anniversary with massive tablet discounts

If you've been looking to pick up a tablet or hybrid device for this new school season, the time to buy is now. Chuwi...

10.8-inch Chuwi Vi10 Plus runs Remix OS 2.0 and is now available

As we look ahead to the next season of school (yes already), some of us are hoping to pick up some tech to make us...