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The best Android phones available at Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has plenty of Android phones to choose from but some are better than others. These are the best of the bunch for January 2020.

Coolpad Legacy Brisa review

In a world where $350 defines budget smartphones, the Legacy Brisa would be considered "ultra-budget". How does the $100 handset stack up?

Boost Mobile adds $100 Coolpad Legacy Brisa to roster

Boost Mobile's latest phone, the Coolpad Legacy Brisa, is an an entry-level handset that costs less than $100. Read on to learn more about the device.

Best of CES 2020

CES 2020 has come and gone, leaving a whole slew of new and interesting technology in its wake. We've gathered up our favorite products from the event.

Coolpad brings 5G to the masses with sub-$400 phone

Coolpad aims to bring 5G phones to the masses with its first such device. Due in the second quarter (Q2, 2020), it will cost under $400.

Boost Mobile adds Coolpad Legacy to roster

Boost Mobile's newest phone, the Coolpad Legacy, is a $100 phone with a big screen, big battery, and the latest version of Android.

Coolpad Legacy review

The Coolpad Legacy is a wallet-friendly affair from Metro which offers up a large screen, generous battery, and modern version of Android. Learn more here!

Coolpad debuts Legacy flagship phone for Metro

The Coolpad Legacy is a mid-range phone with a price that's family friendly. Available through T-Mobile's Metro brand, the device packs a large display.

PODCAST: Exclusive interview with Coolpad

We sit down to chat with Coolpad VP John Choi and learn about how devices come to market and what it's like to work with service providers.

Coolpad Illumina review

The Coolpad Illumina is an Android Oreo Go phone that costs well under $100 through Boost Mobile. Here's the AndroidGuys review of the handset.

Coolpad Dyno smartwatch for kids now available for $150

The Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch is water resistant, hassle-free, and designed to connect parents to children while being secure, sturdy and simple to use.

Coolpad Conjr touches down in US as $180 unlocked phone for T-Mobile, AT&T

You don't have to watch the industry all that close to understand that the unlocked smartphone space is getting increasingly more competitive. More and...

LeEco and Coolpad team up for Cool S1 with Snapdragon 821, 6GB of RAM

LeEco is one of those Chinese device makers that are trying to break into the US market. The company, which is known for its...

LeEco wanted too much too fast and now it is running out of money

Chinese technology giant LeEco has recently extended its presence in the United States by announcing with bells and whistles a bunch of “disruptive smartphones”,...

Rumor roundup: Galaxy Note 7’s Nougat timeline, A Cool $300 flagship, and 8GB of...

Welcome back to another wonderful week! This summer has been hot, but the tech news has been even hotter! Did you pre-order the new...