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Cricket Wireless offers 14-day free trial of service to Android users

Cricket Wireless, a leading wireless service provider, is making strides to enhance the customer experience by introducing an enticing opportunity for Android...

Cricket Wireless Buyer’s Guide

How much do you know about AT&T's prepaid subsidiary Cricket? Here's a primer that lets you know your options, including rate plans and features.

Why data speeds are slower on MVNO networks

MVNO networks allow for you to save money, but those savings come at a cost, and that cost is your data speed.

How to unlock your AT&T phone

Want to unlock your AT&T phone? This handy guide will help you gather up the proper information and walk you through the process.

Cheap cell phone plans that use the AT&T network

We've gathered a number of great offers from wireless providers. All of them share one thing in common: they're cheap plans that use the AT&T network.

Cricket now offering $70 Alcatel Apprise

Cricket is now carrying the Alcaltel Apprise, a $70 phone with entry-level hardware and Android 10 Go Edition. Learn more about the handset.

Cricket now offering 6.5-inch Ovation

Cricket is now offering its latest brand smartphone, the Ovation. Features include a 6.5-inch display, 4,000mAh battery, and a two-year warranty.

AT&T Prepaid and Cricket now offering $15 rate plans

AT&T Prepaid and Cricket offer new temporary rate plans for $15 which include unlimited talk, text, and 2GB high speed data.

Prepaid battle: Which carrier offers the best $40 plan?

Which prepaid plan gets you the most bang for the buck at the $40 monthly budget? What do you get for the money and whose network does it use?

Cricket tempts new customers with special $40 Unlimited BYOD plan

Cricket's latest offer, the "Unlimited BYOD" plan is a $40 option for customers who bring their current phone to the prepaid carrier.

Cricket adds another Android Go phone with Alcatel Insight

The latest Cricket smartphone is the Alcatel Insight, an entry-level experience with the Android 9 Pie Go Edition software.

Cricket dangles eight free phones in limited-time offer

Cricket launches its largest ever free phone promo, giving customers a choice between eight different phones from the likes of LG, Motorola, and Samsung.

Cricket offering $80 Icon phone with two-year warranty

The Cricket Icon is the carrier's first branded phone and features entry-level hardware, a streamlined version of Android, and has a two-year warranty.

Cricket now offering big-screen LG Stylo 5

AT&T prepaid brand Cricket now sells the LG Stylo 5 as part of its phone selection. Features include Android 9, a 6.2-inch display, and a stylus.

Cricket now offers data-only plans

Cricket Wireless now provides customers with a trio of rate plans which offer data only services. Options start as low as $25 per month.