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Boost Mobile Celero 5G

Boost Mobile Celero 5G review

The Celero 5G is the first smartphone launched by the Dish-owned Boost Mobile. Launched in September of this year, the Celero 5G...

Boost Mobile launches the Carrier Crusher plans

This holiday season, Boost Mobile is coming out swinging. Beginning today, Boost looks to empower consumers with their first-ever plans to utilize the AT&T...

DISH to acquire MVNO Republic Wireless

Dish on Monday announced that it will acquire the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Republic Wireless as well as its 200,000 customer...

Ting Mobile shuffles rate plans

Ting Mobile is now offering three new rate plans, one of which is geared for those who use little to no data every month.

Dish announces live streaming television with Sling TV

Cable television is at the crossroads of its inevitable evolution. Out of all the major entertainment delivery methods, cable and satellite companies seem to...