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Learn to design video games using Unreal Engine for less than $11

One of the things that comes with being so immersed in the world of mobile apps and games is that we often...

How to update Fortnite on Android using the Epic Games Launcher

If you're looking on How to update Fortnite on Android without the Google Play Store version, the Epic Games Launcher is your go-to solution.

You can still install Fortnite on Android; here’s how

With the recent removal of Fortnite from the Google Play Store, you can still update and play Fortnite on Android through the Epic Games app.

Fortnite available to more than just the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at launch

Fortnite may be exclusive to Samsung devices, but not to the Note 9 - install Fortnite on your Samsung Galaxy flagship right now!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 said to offer exclusive access to Fortnite at launch

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might be marketed as a gaming phone. To achieve this end, the Korean tech giant will offer exclusive Fornite access to early adopters.

Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to Android! (and bringing cross-platform play with it)

Though it didn't announce a specific timetable for release, Epic's Fortnite Twitter account confirmed that its wildly popular PUBG-style Battle Royale game would be...