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How to share your home screen with Messenger on Android

If you're looking for a quick, easy, and safe way to share your home screen with friends and family on your smartphone, Messenger is the app for you!

Facebook Portal review

The Portal by Facebook is a unique device with a specific purpose that it does very well.
Twitter Apps

Facebook and Twitter Apps to look at in 2020

Social media is a part of our daily lives. In fact, almost 2 billion people use Facebook daily and almost 80% of people use...

Facebook let users hide and delete old posts

We all have had Facebook posts we made that we now regret. A new feature will help you do cleanup on these posts and help hide them from the public.

How to set up a Messenger Room in Facebook Messenger

If you're looking to try out Messenger Room in Messenger, this guide will teach you how to make a room and share it with others in 2 quick and easy steps.

How to set up a Facebook Messenger Room from WhatsApp

If you're looking to setup a messenger room as swiftly as possible, WhatsApp is the best way to do it and easily the fastest!

Master digital marketing and SEO tricks in 2020 with this $39 online training bundle

Learn how to leverage YouTube, Google Analytics, Facebook, MailChimp, and so much more with this 12-course digital marketing and SEO training bundle.

Best SMS alternatives for Android Messages

Android Messages is a great SMS app for texting, but maybe you are looking for a change. Here's our list of alternative SMS apps.

How to create a legacy contact for Facebook

Did you know that you can appoint someone to manage your Facebook account after you pass away? Here's how to set up your Legacy Contact.

Android apps to make your Pokemon Go experience even better

If you're ready to get serious about Pokemon Go, you'll need to arm yourself with the right tools. Here are the best apps to help you catch 'em all.

What is two factor authentication?

Ensuring your online accounts stay secure is a constant battle. Which is why today we dive into what two-factor authentication is or how it can help protect you.

Facebook’s new Keyword Snooze lets you mute keywords

Facebook unveiled a new way to control your newsfeed. It's called Keyword Snooze and as the name suggests it allows you to hide certain keywords.

Congress scrutinizes Google’s deal with Huawei over privacy concerns

Google is seeing scrutiny from the US Government thanks to its various partnerships with the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi, and TenCent.

Facebook Marketplace makes it easier to find a plumber or maid

Starting immediately, Facebook Marketplace seeks to be your one-stop-shop for finding a home service professional. Work directly with contractors, house cleaners, and other types; get a quote or receive help with your latest project.

Instagram Stories gets a new type of poll, the Emoji Slider

Like to do polls in Instagram? Well then you'll love the new Emoji Slider, which will help you get more nuanced reactions from your followers.