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BLU Vivo X launches with a 6-inch 18:9 display, quad cameras, budget price

BLU doesn't think you should pay premium to get the true flagship experience and the latest Vivo X smartphone is proof of its creed.

UHANS i8 mimics iPhone X’s facial recognition (Promoted)

UHANS, a brand that we've profiled a number of times over the last few months, is one of those brands who delivers budget-friendly alternatives...

Galaxy S9 could see facial recognition speed, software improvements

The Galaxy S9 is gearing up for an early 2018 launch, with the Samsung's AMOLED panels having already shipped this month, and, as usual,...

Motorola acquires facial recognition company Viewdle

Could this tech power multi-user profiles for future Android tablets? We certainly hope so.

EXCLUSIVE: BioLock To Bring True Biometric Authentication to Android [Video]

Many in the mobile community have heard the buzz surrounding an up-and-coming application called BioLock. Blue Planet Apps, the company behind BioLock, has been...