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What the hell is Files Go and what does it do?

Google recently introduced an app in the Play Store called Files Go which is designed to help you free up space on your handset....

MiXplorer: Truly a “Mix Of (File) Explorers” (Review)

Why Download? If you're the type of person who likes to stay on the cutting edge of software then you'll want to install this APK...
ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer: Access files, view images, play music, and more (App review)

We take a look at ES File Explorer, one of the most popular file explorers. With the app, you can access and analyze files, play music, and much more.
File Expert with Clouds

Organize your phone using File Expert with Clouds

If you are an Android power user, then you know how important a good file manager is. Unfortunately, most OEM's file managers are pretty...

My new default file browser: Tomi File Manager

Sometimes, I'm just not satisified with what my phone comes with my default, such as the messaging app or the file browser. When I...