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File share app Smash changes the game for sharing files

Smash is a new way to share files. No sign-up or logins, no file size limits, and no ads are only a few of the modest offerings!

WhatsApp will soon let you share any file types

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms out there which lets you share a wide variety of files – from images, videos...

Join by joaoapps: Best thing since Pushbullet (Review)

Overview When Pushbullet went paid, everyone freaked out. Every well-known tech site scrambled to get something along the lines of "Best alternatives to Pushbullet" on...
Pushbullet Featured

Pushbullet brings SMS conversations to your fingertips

Pushbullet has been around for quite some time, and have added a bunch of functionalities to extend and expand upon what your devices have been able to do..
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Pushbullet brings messaging to app in latest update

Earlier today, Pushbullet received an update that brought a new design and file sharing to its service. Starting with the mobile apps, Pushbullet now sorts...
BitTorrent Shoot Featured

Easily share files between devices with BitTorrent Shoot

If you're looking for an easy way to share images and videos between Android, iOS and Windows Phone, look no further than Shoot from the folks at BitTorrent