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This 10-course bundle boosts your knowledge on all sorts of Google apps

Amp up your productivity and brand visibility with 35 hours of content on GSuite, Google Ads, Analytics, and other amazing Google apps!

Google announces Meet video calling will soon be available to all users

Google Meet will soon be available to anyone with a Google account.

Google’s answer to Slack, Hangouts Chat is now available for all G Suite users

Google has unveiled its own Slack alternative in the form of Hangouts Chat. The app just exited beta and is now available for download.

Google will soon stop sending targeted ads to your Gmail account

Good news Gmail users! Google will stop reading your emails with the purpose of delivering target ads. The practice has been employed ever since 2014,...

Google, thinking that splitting apps is a good idea, splits Hangouts.

Today Google announced that it would be splitting Hangouts into two separate experiences; one that focuses on video conferencing in the form of Hangouts...