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Google Drive will soon allow you to block spammers

Google has finally announced that you'll soon be able to block users in Google Drive who abuse the shared file option to spam you.

Top apps to reach potential customers

Apps can help businesses to improve by providing a digital space to share, connect, optimize, and engage with potential customers. One of...
Cloud Storage

Five photo backup alternatives to Google Drive

Google Drive is dropping syncing your Google Photos, but there are loads of other apps that offer storage and photo backups. Here are our top 5 options.

What are the best cloud storage services for my Android?

We live in a fast-paced world with files and documents scattered across multiple devices. It's time to start backing things up and keeping better track of them. Here are some of the best apps and services as it comes to cloud storage solutions for your Android.

Google One coming to simplify Drive storage plans

Google introduces new One plan for storage that not only includes more valuable storage pricing but also added benefits such as one-tap customer service, Google Play credit, and family sharing.

Kickstarter of the week : STREAMZ – Voice Controlled Smart Streaming Headphones

I do love a good Kickstarter, who doesn't right? I dread to think how many hours I've lost trawling the ever expanding gadget tech innovations all...

Gmail now allows you to receive 50MB emails

Gmail is Google’s approach to email and chat. So far the popular service allowed users to send and receive attachments to up to 25MB....

You can now drag-and-drop your Keep notes into a document

Google has introduced a new way to integrate Keep with Docs. This new feature allows you to easily transfer files between the two.

Easily send your Evernote documents to Google Docs [How-To]

Evernote recently released its new Privacy Policy which is set to go effective on January 23, 2017, in which it states, among other things,...

Google makes it easier to switch from iOS to Android via Google Drive

If you wanted to switch from iOS to Android a few weeks ago, you didn’t have much choice but download Google’s services like Google...

Gooligan Android malware found to have infected 1 million Google accounts

If you’re in the habit of installing applications from third party app stores (meaning not from the Google Play Store) then you might want...

Google brings new feature to Docs called Explore

Google is constantly working to improve its productivity suite. Last week, the company brought natural language search so it's easier than ever to search for documents...

Apps for saving and sharing your files (Roundup)

A couple weeks ago I spoke about setting up a Box account to get yourself 10GB of free cloud storage. To that point, we...

Evernote partners with Google to add features to Drive

In a somewhat surprising move, it was announced Thursday that Evernote and Google teamed up to add more functionality to Google Drive. This move...

Get 2GB of Drive storage for free by checking your Google security settings

What would you do if you lost access to your Google account? It's not something we would like to think about. But have you done anything...