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Google is a US-based multinational technology company behind Android, Chrome, YouTube, and much more. Considered one of the Big Five companies in the American IT industry, it is based in Mountain View, California.

Google plans AirTag clone, report indicates

Google is soon to be the latest tech giant to manufacture a Bluetooth tracker. The company is following in the steps of other tech...

Google is working on a seamless way to transfer Spotify tracks between your devices

Have you ever been listening to a podcast in the car and wished you could seamlessly switch over to your earbuds once you arrived...

Google Chrome gains new features t boost battery life and performance

Google Chrome has introduced Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes that users can manage and control in order to make Chrome use up to...

Google’s Family Link introduces new ways of keeping kids safer online

Need to keep your family safer online? Google has offered a new way of doing that this year with Family Link, offering families multiple...

At long last the Google Pixel Watch arrives

After what feels like an eternity, Google's Pixel Watch finally arrives. Learn about the wearable, its features, price, and more.

Google Pixel 7 series gets formal launch with October 13 arrival

Google's flagship series of phones are official with the debut of the Pixel 7 and its counterpart, the 7 Pro. Learn what's new for fall 2022.
Google Stadia Logo

Google is shutting down Stadia and refunding everyone

Google has announced the official shutdown of Stadia, its game streaming service. Google is giving players access to their games library through...

Google Photos is rolling out new features to Memories

Google Photos has been my go-to storage location for all of my photos and videos for years now. It started as a...
Android Feature Updates

Check out the latest Android Updates from Google

Google last week rolled out another round of features coming to Android and Wear OS. This batch of updates focuses on productivity,...

Best Phones at Visible (Summer 2022)

Shopping for a new phone at Visible or considering a switch to the carrier? Let us help you find the best phones at Visible as of today.

Google Pixel Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying smartphones, things are much different in 2022 than they were just a few years back. Notably, it's...

Google provides first look at Pixel 7, Pixel Watch

They may not arrive for another few months but the Pixel 7 series of phones and the Pixel Watch is already being teased by Google.

Google Pixel 6a unveiled with July availability

Google announces its next phone, the Pixel 6a, for availability in late July. Learn about the forthcoming phone and its features.
Android 13 Developer Preview 1

We get our first look at Android 13 with the latest developer preview

Google has launched the Android 13 Developer Preview 1, which is a great opportunity to take a look at what coming down...

Google and Samsung team up to bring new features to the Galaxy S22, Tab...

With the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Tab S8 officially announced, Google is making sure that you know of all the...