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Google schedules hardware event for October 15

Google is expected to introduce the Pixel 4 and other hardware at an event in October. Here's a quick recap of what might be on the docket.

How to auto-delete your Google location and activity history

Google keeps a ton of data about your phone usage, search, and location. Fortunately, there's a way to make sure this data gets automatically deleted.

Google Photos gains Memories, same day printing at CVS, Walmart

Google adds a number of features to its Photos experience, giving users the ability to order same-day physical prints from more than 11,000 locations.

Google Pixel 4 rumors: Gestures, astrophotography mode, and bright orange

New rumors surfacing for the Google Pixel 4 indicate that the flagship phone will feature some really cool camera modes and come in an interesting color.

Android 10 now available for Pixel phones

Google makes its latest mobile operating system update, Android 10, available to Pixel phones. Here's a brief primer on what to expect.

Best unlocked mid-range phones between $250-$400

Today's mid-range phones are often more powerful than the one in your pocket. Don't spend flagship money when one of these might best suit you.

How to get Android 10’s Focus Mode for your phone now

Google offers up another way to help Android users put phones and get back to life. Called Focus Mode, it arrives in Android 10. Here's how to get it now.

This crash course on Google Analytics is just $14

The Google Analytics certification will prep you to ace the free exam in as little as two days of study, giving you a bargaining chip for your next job.

Living with the Google Pixel 3a – A review at 90 days

How does the Google Pixel 3a stand up after using it as a daily driver for three solid months? Try to act surprised when we tell you, alright?

Google testing $5 Play Pass for virtually unlimited apps and games

Google has confirmed that it is testing a new subscription service for the Play Store under the name of Play Pass and it looks to cost $5 per month.

Google ruined Wear OS

Locking down Wear OS prevents collaboration and innovation with hardware partners. The platform has so much potential but Google is holding it back.

Google officially confirms gestures and face unlock features for Pixel 4

Long rumored for the Pixel 4, face unlock and gesture interactions are officially coming to Google's next phone. The "Solis" tech will get better with time.

Visible now taking orders for Google Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL

Digital carrier Visible now offers the Google Pixel 3a and its larger sibling, the Pixel 3a XL, as part of its growing device portfolio.

How to set up your personal Voice Match for Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an awesome service, but without your unique voice, it has limits. Here's how to match your Voice Match to your Google account.

How to properly Powerwash your Chrome OS device

Chromebooks are great devices, but sometimes you have to wipe them for certain reasons. Here's how to properly Powerwash your Chrome OS device.
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