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Data shows that sales of Chromebooks has skyrocketed in Q1 of 2021

Chromebook sales have soared 275% or more since the first quarter of 2020, with HP taking the top spot and Samsung seeing the largest increase in sales.

Smartphone shipments suffer fifth consecutive quarter of decline

The latest report from IDC tells us that smartphone shipments are down as a whole but some players have seen gains. What will happen in 2019?

Smartphone sales crossed a record 1.4 billion in 2015

The smartphone industry is witnessing a slower growth rate as the overall shipment of mobile devices increased only by 12 percent in 2015. While overall global shipments surpassed 1.4...

IDC: Android will peak in 2012, Windows Phone to eclipse iOS in 2016

Android is expected to be the dominant player come 2016 but Microsoft won't make it easy.

IDC: Samsung moved 42.2M smartphones in Q1 while HTC sold 6.9M

The Android game, for now, looks to be Samsung's to lose.

IDC: Android and iPhone in Dead Heat to Win Enterprise

A new IDC Appcelerator survey indicates that Android and Apple are in a two-way race to eat up the mobile enterprise. With roughly 44...