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How to change your Instagram username

Tired of your Instagram username? Fortunately, changing it is an easy affair and can be done as often as you'd like. Here's how to do it.

Facebook and Instagram now allow you to hide like and view counts

Hiding likes and view counts is the latest way that Facebook and Instagram are trying to give users more control and make using the platforms less toxic.
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New Instagram privacy and security features coming

Instagram is introducing a Safety Check dashboard and Encrypted Messaging features to increase privacy and security on the app.

Facebook faces backlash over Instagram for kids app from over 40 attorneys generals

Instagram is facing backlash over its plans to create a version for children under the age of 13, with 44 states attorneys general signing a letter urging CEO Mark Zuckerberg to terminate the project.

The top 7 new creative tools added to Instagram Reels and Stories

Instagram lets you do more than upload photos and videos on the internet. There are also special features on the social media platform that...

Why should I buy Instagram followers and likes?

Instagram is a powerful social media marketing platform. With over 1 billion active users worldwide, the site offers immense benefits in terms of increased...

Five reasons why Instagram is considered to be the best mobile phone app

Almost everyone from every age group is on the mobile phone app, Instagram, and it has become everyone’s favorite. Instagram is basically the Facebook...

How to stop Instagram from tracking everything you do on your Android device

It is not a secret that social networks are huge gatherers of data about users. That is how the algorithm operates - it compiles...

Instagram debuts Reels – a new (and familiar) way to create content

Instagram Reels is the social media platforms new way of creating new and robust content that can be shared with friends, family, and followers.

Download Instagram photos and videos in a click with 4K Stogram

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement. While there are many useful desktop apps for Facebook,...

How to request and download your Instagram data report

Instagram allows users of the platform to download their own data report. If you haven't tried it, this is how to do it.

Instagram Video Chat slides into your DMs

Instagram users can now use the app to communicate via video with friends in one-on-one or group settings. Learn more about Instagram Video Chat!

How to mute accounts on Instagram

Instagram now lets users hide posts and stories from the main feed. Known as Mute, it's one of the easier things you can do in the app. Here's how to do it.

Motorola, Amazon, and Instagram (Podcast #15)

In this episode we discuss major features coming to Pokemon Go. Listen in as Scott and Andrew tackle Android Messages, Datally, YouTube Premium, and more.

Instagram privacy settings you need manage right now

Instagram is a great way to share the latest snaps, but it a can be a slippery, dangerous slope. Here's how to lock down Instagram privacy.