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Kodak PD-450 Box

Kodak Photo Printer Dock PD-450 (Review)

If you think 'photos' or 'film', you'll most likely think Kodak. An original pioneer in the photography marketplace and imaging industry, Kodak has a...

Kodak Ektra camera phone comes to the US in April for $549

You might remember Kodak’s latest photography centric Ektra smartphone which was released on the European market in December 2016 for €499 a pop. Well at...

Kodak’s new Android smartphone, Ektra goes on sale December 9

Are you bored with what traditional Android OEMs are offering? Then why not purchase a smartphone from a newcomer in the industry? And if...

Kodak launches the Ektra – an Android smartphone with analog camera feel

Kodak, once one of the world's biggest camera makers, has been trying to enter the Android smartphone market, for a few years now. The photography...
Kodak IM5 Featured

The Kodak IM5 is now available for purchase in Europe

After being announced at CES 2015 in January, Kodak has released their first entry into the smartphone market with the IM5 which is available for purchase.

Kodak jumps on the Android bandwagon with their own device

The smartphone market rarely stands still and Kodak look to be embracing that by utilising Google's Android OS. Kodak was spotted churning out plans for...