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Master cloud computing and machine learning with this heavily discounted bundle

Be a savant in solving latency issues and improving overall tech processes with 21 hours of content on cloud computing, microservices, and machine learning.

Price Drop! Machine learning and data science training bundle just $35

Machine learning and data science is everywhere and it's only going to get bigger. Master the future of all connect things for just $25 right now.

Machine learning: essential aspects to enlighten yourself with (Promoted)

Machine Learning, or ML as it is commonly referred to, allows a computer to learn and carry out interpretation of data without being programmed...

YouTube to soon offer an easy way to replace video background

YouTube will make it easier to replace that ugly background in your video. The feature is currently in testing in a beta group for creators, but will become more widely available at a later date.

Google Photos now lets you turn your pics into themed movies for Valentine’s Day...

The festival of love is upon us and Google wants to help you create a special memento to mark the event. So the search giant...

Google I/O 2017: What is Google Lens?

Google continues to bet big on machine learning with a new AI-driven product called Google Lens. The vision-based system will essentially allow your smartphone to...

Google Photos updated with four new features

Google Photos is getting four big updates today: three ways to relive memories, and one quick way to fix certain photos. The first update lets...