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Microsoft launches new and improved Surface Duo 2 for $1500, pre-orders now open

Microsoft just launched the sequel to its original Surface Duo with more cameras, NFC, and a way to view notifications without opening the device for $1500.

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While Android might have taken over the mobile world, Microsoft still has a firm grasp on other parts of the software space....

Windows 11 will run Android apps in collaboration with Amazon’s Appstore

Microsoft announced Windows 11 yesterday with the revelation that it would be able to run Android apps installed via Amazon's Appstore and using Intel's Bridge technology.

OneDrive adds photo editing features to compete with Google Photos

Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage app just added photo editing features which helps it better compete against Google Photos for backing up your images online.

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Learn fundamentals of Microsoft SQL and master data handling, storage, access, and security with two lifetime courses, on sale now.
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The best phones available at AT&T

Are you current or prospective AT&T customer on the hunt for a new device? Here are the best phones you can get from AT&T today.

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Microsoft is working on a way to run Android apps on Windows computers

According to sources, Microsoft's Project Latte would allow Android developers to bring their apps to Windows with very little tweaking required.

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Use Excel, Python, Power BI, and other tools to understand, manage, analyze, and leverage data. Become a master at your own pace with this bundle.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate review

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is Microsoft's big bet on cloud gaming with access to over 100 games, but there's a reason it's still in beta.

Microsoft looks to dominate cloud-gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft isn't one to be left out. They throw their hat into the ring of cloud gaming with Game Pass Ultimate, which might be the best value so far.