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mophie unveils four new Qi2 wireless chargers at IFA 2023

A well-known power solution offering brand mophie announced the Qi2 technology roadmap of products at IFA 2023. The new Qi2 lineup products...

Elevate your home office: Discover fun and innovative products to energize your workspace

Whether you're working remotely or studying from home, it's essential to create an environment that sparks inspiration and boosts productivity. In this...

Mophie Powerstation (2023) review

The mophie PowerStation (2023) is a portable external battery designed to charge mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices....

Mophie Powerstation XL (2023) review

The mophie PowerStation XL (2023) is a portable external battery designed to charge mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It...

Mophie Powerstation Pro AC (2023) review

The mophie Powerstation Pro AC (2023) is a portable power bank designed to charge your devices on-the-go. It features a high-capacity 27,000mAh...
Review: Mophie powerstation plus (Podcast)

Podcast: Mophie powerstation plus

Check out episode 371 of the AndroidGuys Podcast where we discuss the Mophie powerstation plus. About the Mophie powerstation plus
Review: Mophie powerstation plus (Podcast)

Review: Mophie powerstation plus (Podcast)

PowerBank with integrated USB C and lighting cables has many advantages. It can charge two devices simultaneously and is compatible with both iOS and...

Mophie Snap Ecosystem review

Mophie's new snap line of products provide a MagSafe-like experience to all handsets, including Android and iOS. We go hands on with a few.

Mophie’s Snap system adds MagSafe charging to Android phones

The new Mophie Snap system adds MagSafe charging to your Android phone with a series of mounts, power banks, and Qi-enabled wireless chargers.

Mophie’s latest lets you triple up the wireless charging

Mophie's latest, the wireless charging stand+, is an $80 unit that lets users charge up to three devices at one time, including wearables and earbuds.

Mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat review w/video

Mophie's latest charging solution, the 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat, is capable of charging four Qi-ready devices at the same time. Here's our review.

mophie and InvisibleShield Announce UV Sanitizer Solutions

mophie and InvisibleShield have entered the UV sanitizer market by releasing their own versions of a UV sanitizer for your mobile phones and other items.

Reviewing mophie’s wireless charging stands and pads

Mophie has a wide range of charging solutions, including a growing number of wireless products. We go hands-on with two of its more recent units.

Mophie Powerstation Go arrives with enough juice to jump-start your car

The Mophie Powerstation Go is a portable charging solutuion that features two USB-A ports, a 65W AC outlet, wireless charging, and can even jump your car.

Kick-ass gear from Totallee, mophie, InvisibleShield, MYNT, and Fuse Chicken

This edition sees us recommending a sound machine, portable charger, phone stand, dashboard mount, and a solid state drive for laptops. Enjoy!