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Best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S9

The 2018 flagship phone features wirleess charging. Are you using it? Here are the best options for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wireless chargers at any price.

Best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The plus-sized flagship features something that not all phones have: cord-free charging. Here are the best options for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wireless chargers.

Mophie introduces four new wireless chargers from the Charge Stream family

Mophie has updated its Charge Stream family of products with four new wireless chargers that are compatible with Apple and Samsung products.

Weekend Recommender: EVRI, JLab, Phiaton, mophie, and Scosche

We're back with another round of tech that you're sure to love. This time we've picked audio accessories and charging solutions to get simplify your life.

Weekend Recommender: InvisibleShield, mophie, Mount Genie, Circle, and more

We've gathered up some really cool tech, gear, and other things we think you should check out this weekend. One of these could be your new favorite gadget!

Mophie powerstation AC review

When it comes to heavy duty portable chargers, the mophie powerstation AC stands out. Be it laptops, phones, tablets, or something else, there's more than enough power to keep your devices running. And it looks great, too.

Looking for an affordable battery pack? Check out these deals

Modern technology is intended to simplify and increase productivity, but without battery power, a smartphone becomes nothing more than a meaningless, useless brick. Fortunately...

Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL review: 19,500mAh of battery for phones and laptops

With more and more devices coming with USB Type-C ports, it becomes increasingly valuable to have a charger or power bank with support. Not...

Mophie intros new Powerstation USB-C XXL battery pack for USB devices

Mobile battery case company, Mophie announced a new battery pack this week, dubbed the USB-C XXL which comes equipped with both USB-C and USB-A...

Gear Up: mophie’s latest keep your flagship phones charged for days on end

It’s officially summer which means that the days are longer now than any other time in the year. Moreover, they’re warmer, too. In some...

Mophie announce the “Charge Force Case” its slimmest wireless charging case to date!

Summer is finally upon us! Alfresco coffee, parties in the park and beachside BBQ's. I can't think of a more perfect time to catch some...

Mophie Powerstation Plus review

Many of today’s phones feature battery capacities in the 2,000mAh-3,000mAh range, with some pushing even further. And, while that’s often enough to get us...

The Mophie Power Capsule ensures your Bluetooth headphones are protected and charged

The Mophie Power Capsule is an interesting way to charge your Bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, or other wearables. However, it's a pleasant surprise at an awesome price.

Verizon begins offering the LG K4 on its network

Today, Verizon is launching  the LG K4 LTE, a budget-friendly smartphone. Said to be "user-friendly yet feature packed" the K4 includes most of the...

Always have power in your pocket with the mophie powerstation mini (review)

Over the past few years smartphone  companies have been making our phones bigger and bigger and inexplicably the batteries don't seem to change much...