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myCharge Hub Turbo review

The myCharge Hub Turbo features built-in USB Type-C and Lightning cables, at least 6700mAh battery, and integrated charging prongs. Read our review.

Holiday sales and discounts you need to consider this season

Shop the best deals and discounts available from some of our favorite brands in the mobile space. Here's what's being offered this season.

Kick-ass gadgets from Western Digital, Adonit, iOttie, myCharge, and more

This edition sees us recommending a sound machine, portable charger, phone stand, dashboard mount, and a solid state drive for laptops. Enjoy!

Gear Up: Consider myCharge’s wireless charging and Nintendo Switch solutions

Too many devices and not enough outlets? Take a myCharge portable charger with you and juice up while on the go. Here are some of the brand's latest units!

Gear Up: myCharge portable chargers are perfect for Pokemon Go hunts

You have too many devices and not enough outlets to charge them all. Take a myCharge portable charger with you and juice up while on the go. Here's a handful of models we're happy to recommend.

CES 2018: myCharge’s new battery pack lineup includes something for everyone

myCharge is a company known for its wide range of external chargers for smartphones, tablets and other devices. Well, just in time for CES...
mycharge adventureultra

myCharge AdventureUltra review: The charging companion for all of your needs

After reviewing countless portable power banks and charging solutions over the years, there are a few features I've come to appreciate. If anything, there are...

myCharge intros new portable charging solutions for 2017

Portable power specialists myCharge are back at CES with a host of new and improved products for the new year. Indeed, there are no...

MyCharge offering 40% off HUB series in November

Are you in the market for a new power bank for your smartphone or portable gear? You're in luck as myCharge, a brand we're...

myCharge HubUltra review

One of the perks of working on a smartphone-related website is that there are so many cool gadgets and gizmos that pop up along the...