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Nubia Pad 3D available for pre-order

Nubia Pad 3D available for pre-order

ZTE introduced its Nubia Pad 3D tablet at the MWC Barcelona 2023. ZTE's latest tablet is equipped with Leia's state-of-the-art 3D light field technology...

Nubia announces REDMAGIC 8 Pro for global audiences

This week, Nubia introduced the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, a device manufactured to up the ante when it comes to performance. A quick look at...

REDMAGIC 7S Pro review

When it comes to phones designed specifically with gaming in mind, Nubia's REDMAGIC line is one of the most powerful and popular...

Nubia revealed the REDMAGIC 7 Series gaming phone in China, with a global version...

Nubia announced the REDMAGIC 7 Series today in China. Both the REDMAGIC 7 and the REDMAGIC 7 Pro come with a top-of-the-line...

RedMagic 6 review

The RedMagic 6 is a gaming phone but it offers up other top-tier features such as a large display and generous battery. Here's our review.

Nubia launches the lightweight RedMagic 6R gaming phone

The latest member of the RedMagic gaming phone family is the lightweight RedMagic 6R packing a Snapdragon 888 processor, a quad-camera setup on the back, and a 144Hz display.

RedMagic 6 gets global launch

Nubia on Tuesday announced the global launch of its RedMagic 6 gaming-centric smartphone. The handset, which boasts a number of high-end hardware...

Nubia Watch Review

The Nubia Watch is a wearable with a larger-than-life display, but the features are lacking when compared to other smartwatches on the market.

RedMagic 5G Eclipse Black to be released globally with 12GB of RAM

ZTE's sub-brand Nubia has been making overpowered Android phones at very low prices for a number of years. Recently, they have made a foray...

Nubia Red Magic 5G arrives with 144Hz display

Nubia's latest, the Red Magic 5G, boast an industry-first 144Hz refresh rate for its screen. It's also packed with some of the best hardware around.

Nubia Red Magic 3S launches globally October 16

Designed with mobile gaming in mind, the Nubia Red Magic 3S launches globally in mid-October and features a number of high-end features.

The Nubia Alpha is a smartphone for your wrist

The Nubia Alpha is a smartphone for your wrist with a 4-inch OLED display that will be available later this year.

ZTE reveals the stunning Nubia Z11 at $375

ZTE has lifted the veil on its new high-end device, the ZTE Nubia Z11. The Android-powered phone sports powerful specs with an affordable price...

Get the unlocked Android Nubia Z9 Max all network edition for just $356

Chinese smartphones are making waves. Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei come to mind when we think of large Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Yet one of my...

5.2-inch ZTE Nubia Z9 borderless smartphone announced for US market

ZTE just let the wraps off the Nubia Z9, a very neat 5.2" device with absolutely no borders on the sides.  And they have not...