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Oukitel is hosting a mid-year sale with phones starting at $59.99

Want a affordable phone with a big display or battery or even a notch? Oukitel is hosting a mid-year sale with discounts on seven of its phone models.

Oukitel announces its newest iPhone X clone, the U19 (promoted)

Back in February, Oukitel released the U18, the first unabashed iPhone X clone on the market. Featuring a notched display and a larger than average battery, the U18 sold well by all accounts. But Oukitel has never been on to sit on its laurels, and just announced a new notched smartphone; the $100, Oukitel U19.

Oukitel now offering its iPhone X clone in Gold (Promoted)

Oukitel was among the first Chinese brands to release an iPhone X clone. Now the company's U18 smartphone is also available in Gold.

Oukitel U18 emerges as Android-powered iPhone X clone on the cheap (Promoted)

Following quickly on the heels of its K10 announcement earlier this month, Oukitel is back again with another phone. This time we're looking at...

Oukitel’s iPhone X lookalike, the U18 will go up for pre-sale on January 29...

The “notch” or sensor housing on the iPhone X is undoubtedly the most polarizing design decision Apple made when creating its latest flagship. Not...

Ultra slim Oukitel U18 to feature 21:9 aspect ratio display (Promoted)

One of the best things about the recent generation of smartphones is the 18:9 aspect ratio for displays. Not only are bezels getting thinner...