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Razer acquires Ouya

Razer acquires Android based console maker Ouya

In a press release today, Razer announced its acquisition of Ouya. Ouya is best known for bringing games and apps to the living room through...

Ouya has reportedly been acquired by Razer

Ouya, the company behind the $99 Android gaming console has reportedly been acquired by gaming hardware maker Razer. As there were rumors that Ouya has been...

Razer ponders OUYA acquisition, report says

Ouya is in talks with Razer to sell itself, according to a CNET report. Currently, the companies are figuring out how to add Ouya's staff to...

OUYA refreshes gaming console

Dressed in all black, the new console features double the storage capacity OUYA has released a new version of its Android-powered gaming console which can...

OUYA seeks to put Android gamers in front of TV with $100 console

Can the new Android-powered Kickstarter project disrupt the gaming industry?