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Google chrome

Chrome is now giving you zero excuses to keep your passwords updated and secure

Chrome is rolling out a new feature that will detect if your passwords have become compromised and automate updating them to a more secure one.

Four must-follow tips for keeping your cell phone safe (Promoted)

It’s more important than ever to keep your personal information safe. Businesses know this, which is why they hire companies like Reciprocity to manage...

Six ways to protect your privacy on your Android (PROMOTED)

Smartphones are a wonderful way of keeping all our data and entertainment in one convenient package, but they also carry some risk. As a...
My Account Featured

Google launches My Account for security and privacy controls

While Google's ATAP team is working on Project Abacus, which aims to bring more security with less hassle, Google has introduced a new feature...
Project Abacus

Project Abacus aims to get rid of all those passwords

Google's ATAP team is aiming to get rid of the password as we know it. Project Abacus will allow access to all of our info, as long as the data says it's us

Google ‘Password Alert’ chrome extension further protects user identities

Google today announced software designed to prevent phishing attacks used by hackers which are often design to gain access to your password. To keep...