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Google Fi subscription lets users get a Pixel every two years

Google Fi announced a new subscription option for shoppers with the Pixel 4a. Not only does it split payments up, but it also comes with device protection.

Google refreshes Pixel 4a with a 5G variant

The Google Pixel 4a (5G) arrives quickly on the heels of its 4G counterpart, but there's far more at work here than just a faster data connection.

Google Pixel 5 expected to launch September 30

Google is expected to introduce the Pixel 5 and possibly a Pixel 4a with 5G support in an event scheduled for September 30. What is else is on tap?

Google Pixel 4a review

Google's latest phone, the Pixel 4a, is available for as low as $350. How does it stack up against other devices of the day? Read our review and find out.

I left my Pixel 4XL for the Pixel 3a and I feel right at...

I traded my Google Pixel 4XL in for the Pixel 3a. How much difference is there between the two in my eyes? What do I miss about it, if anything?

Google Pixel 4a pre-orders go live with August 20 availability

Google's newest phone, the Pixel 4a, arrives at just $350. Does it have what it takes to compete against bigger brands? Or does that even matter?

Google sets Pixel 4a launch for August 3

Google is expected to introduce its Pixel 4a on August 3, finally putting months of rumors and speculation to rest. It's about time.

Nearly all Pixel 4a details surface ahead of launch [Update 5/1/2020: Shipping date and...

Google's Pixel 4a is looming on the horizon and should be here in the next few weeks. Thanks to a new report we have a solid idea as to what's ahead.

Google Pixel 4a leaks in 6-minute video

Google's Pixel 4a may be a few months off, but that doesn't mean we can't see how it looks. This 6-minute video gives us an early glimpse at the phone.