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HOT DEAL: Purchase 3 years of PlayStation Plus for just $120 and receive $20...

Readers can purchase three years of PlayStation Plus for just $90 right now. That's cheaper than buying two on your own. Stack them or share them!

How to pair a DualShock 4 controller to your Android smartphone

If you're looking to get more milage out of your mobile gaming experience, bring a DualShock 4 controller into the formula with a few simple steps.

How to play PS4 games with your Android device using Remote Play

Here's how you can get started with Remote Play to enjoy your PlayStation 4 games on your Android devices.

PlayStation Communities is a handy tool for hardcore PS4 users (Review)

Overview: PlayStation Communities is another app from the PlayStation mobile app team, that aims to make using your PS4 and mobile device together easier than...

Sony dives deeper into mobile market

Sony has announced that it will be releasing a handful of mobile games for both iOS and Android by March of 2018. In the past,...

Ishtar Commander is a Destiny player’s best friend (App Review)

You wake up in the early 2700s, long, long after the golden age, the arrival of the fallen and the collapse. You're greeted by...
Android TV

Sony’s 2015 plan for Android TV revealed

Sony and Google have been keeping their secrets about Android TV up their sleeves, but it seems like the cats out of the bag. Check out what's happening.