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Just $25, this Masterclass Bundle is tips, tricks, and more for aspiring podcasters

Start your own digital audio empire with 24 hours of content on podcast fundamentals! Taught by top-selling instructors including Phil Ebiner, Benjamin Wilson, and more.

Audials Play App Review

Audials Play offers an app for both internet radio and podcasts while on your Android phone.

Podcasts are the last plain of the open web and it’s under attack

Podcasts were once as open as the internet can be, but Spotify looks to be closing certain avenues of that tradition.

Plex podcasts feature is now out of beta with Android Auto support

Plex is getting even better. After two short months in beta, Plex now officially supports Podcasts with both streaming and offline play.

Plex updates apps with customizable home screen and announces podcasts!

Plex announces support for Podcasts in beta and revamps mobile home screen UI with new customizable options, bottom tabs, and cross server support.

Google begins offering a new take on how you listen to your favorite podcast

Although there are plenty of apps on the Play Store which provides the ability to play your favorite podcasts, Google is looking to do...

Audials is a fantastic all-in-one radio app with style

Overview When I first opened Audials, the first thing that caught my eye was the UI - tiled like Microsoft, with an Android-style hamburger menu;...

Five things you need to know about podcasts for Google Play Music

As some of you may already know, Google today launched the podcast aspect of its Google Play Music service. And, while we're extremely excited...

Spotify is launching video for Android. Should you care?

Music streaming giant, Spotify, announced on Monday that it would begin delivering curated videos and podcasts to its customers. The videos will come from major entertainment...

Day One Apps: The first apps we install on every new Android (Volume 3)

As someone who has gone through his fair share of Android phones and tablets over the years, I've also installed and reviewed countless apps...

Google Play Music will soon be your next source for podcasts

If you're a subscriber to Google Play Music, the last week or two have been pretty exciting. With the announcement of YouTube Red, which...
Wondercasts Featured

All your favorite Podcasts in one place with Wondercasts Review

Overview Tired of listening to the same four songs over and over that the disc jockeys force you to listen to? Talk radio bores you...

Spotify evolves into 24-hour entertainment resource

From music and news, to podcasts and videos from your favorite sources, Spotify is planning to a full entertainment hub, right to your device.