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Eggtronic Sirius 65W Universal Charger and 4-in-1 Power Bank review

It may have taken a little longer than expected, but the phone industry has largely rallied around the USB Type-C charging standard....

HyperGear Dual USB + USB-C Digital Power Bank: Charge three devices at once

The HyperGear 10,000mAh Digital Power Bank with Dual USB + USB-C ports can fast charge up to three devices at the same time.

Mophie Powerstation Go arrives with enough juice to jump-start your car

The Mophie Powerstation Go is a portable charging solutuion that features two USB-A ports, a 65W AC outlet, wireless charging, and can even jump your car.

Score two all-in-one chargers for less than $30

The HyperCharger X is a 6,000mAh charger that functions as a wireless charging pad as well as a traditional and wireless power bank.

HyperCharger PRO: This 8,000mAh power bank charges three devices at once

The HyperCharger PRO is like the Swiss army knife of power banks! It includes Apple Lightning, micro-USB, USB-C cables and an extra USB port.

Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 10 review

The Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack is a portable charger that's built to go wherever you end up, even if it's cold, or wet. Here's why we love it.

Cool gear to consider as the weather gets warmer

We're big fans of products we've tested from LifeProof, Akaso, Lume Cube, intelliARMOR, and Ematic. Features a charger, camera, and Android TV box!

Coal Catalyst portable charger review

Charging your devices doesn't have to be utilitarian and boring. The Coal line features a variety of options that are powerful and soft to the touch.

Gear Up: Consider myCharge’s wireless charging and Nintendo Switch solutions

Too many devices and not enough outlets? Take a myCharge portable charger with you and juice up while on the go. Here are some of the brand's latest units!

Gear Up: myCharge portable chargers are perfect for Pokemon Go hunts

You have too many devices and not enough outlets to charge them all. Take a myCharge portable charger with you and juice up while on the go. Here's a handful of models we're happy to recommend.

Weekend Recommender: Libratone, Juiced, Awair Glow, and more

It's dads and grads season so that means you'll likely be making a purchase or two in the coming weeks. Our staff has picked out a few items that we think would make great gifts; they're also incredibly cool and handy to own yourself. Look for items from Libratone, Juiced, and others.

Tronsmart Presto Portable Charger: A battery bank with Quick Charge 3.0 built-in

Portable chargers and battery banks are in kind of a weird place right now. Battery life on phones is getting much better, but there's...
PowerCircuit Featured

How beefy is the IntoCircuit Power Castle Power Bank?

Today, we'll be taking a look at the IntoCircuit Power Castle Power Bank. This bad boy has a 26000mAh battery packed into it, and can literally charge...

Lumsing Grand A1 compact 13400mAh portable power bank

There are literally hundreds of portable batteries available at and they all serve the same purpose - to charge your portable devices. They...

LINKON Power Stick Review

As displays get bigger, specs get heftier, and phones get thinner, battery life is one of the most common complaints among today’s smartphone users....