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Which carrier has the best value at $50 a month?

Which wireless network provider offers the best value at the $50 price range? How much data do you get for the money and what are the features?

Prepaid battle: Which carrier offers the best $40 plan?

Which prepaid plan gets you the most bang for the buck at the $40 monthly budget? What do you get for the money and whose network does it use?

Verizon overhauls unlimited data plans yet again

Verizon again shakes up its rate plans, giving consumers four new options under the umbrella of "Unlimited Data". Here's what they look like today.

Verizon dials up ‘Just Kids’ smartphone plan

Verizon's latest rate plan is designed for the young user in your family. Called 'Just Kids' it provides great value, but with a catch or two.

T-Mobile Essential plan debuts with unlimited basics

T-Mobile Essentials is the latest rate plan from the service provider. It gives subscribers unlimited talk, text, and data, but it stops short of extras.
cricket wireless

Cricket Unlimited rate plans get renamed and clarified

The AT&T branded prepaid carrier simplifies its Cricket unlimited data plan offerings for customers. Although slightly different from each other, both include similar features.

Verizon Prepaid rolls out new options, including a $30 plan

Verizon Prepaid gets a new entry-level option for customers who need 500MB of data per month. What's more, it gives its other no-contract subscribers new features, too.

AT&T to help customers save on data usage with Stream Saver

AT&T on Friday announced a new feature for its subscribers which aims to help cut down on the amount of data consumed on its...

T-Mobile tweaks its ONE plan, launches a souped-up ONE Plus option

T-Mobile on Monday kicked off the week with a revision to its recently introduced ONE rate plan. As a result of the feedback (read as:...

Everything you need to know about T-Mobile ONE

Today's a big day in the world of smartphone rate plans. As you've likely heard, T-Mobile has shaken things up with its 12th iteration...

Ting data now only $10 per gigabyte after first

Wireless service provider Ting today dropped the price of its data to a mere $10 per gigabyte, making plans more affordable for its customers. Specifically, this...

Verizon promo gives customers 4 lines and 16GB of data for $150

Verizon Wireless on Thursday announced a new limited-time promotion which sees the carrier offering up extra data at no additional cost. Specifically, the deal...

AT&T simplifies financing and upgrade options

AT&T on Monday kicked off the week with word that it plans to shake up its financing and upgrade options. Starting on June 9,...

Sprint serves up $150 Unlimited 4-line family plan

Limited-time promotion is like having a fourth line for free Sprint today introduced a new, limited-time deal for families of up to four users in...

MetroPCS targets Sprint customers with deep discounts, free phones

It seems like every other week another wireless carrier is dangling a limited time promotional rate plan. T-Mobile today ​announced a deal that looks to steal...