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Realme GT debuts with high-end specs and mid-range price

Chinese phone maker realme offers up its newest handset, the flagship-like GT which features high-end hardware but with a modest price tag.

Realme launches the Narzo 30 5G on AliExpress for $169 for early bird pre-orders

Today, Realme launched its new Narzo 30 5G smartphone exclusively on Ali Express. Realme says the Narzo series of phones are targeted at Gen-Z...

Realme X50 Pro Play brings Snapdragon 865, 90Hz, and more for $400

The Realme X50 Pro Play is a great phone that offers a flagship-tier processor, a crisp 90Hz refresh rate, and a huge battery for a great price.

Five Android OEMs you’ve never heard of before

We've all heard of mainstream smartphone companies like Samsung, LG or HTC. But the world is larger than that. In this article we take a look at some obscure, but noteworthy Android OEMs.