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How to get the LG V10 camera app on the LG G4 [Tutorial]

Shortly after the release of the LG G4, LG announced the LG V10. With a secondary auxiliary display and the Snapdragon 810, it was...

Blink Wireless Camera System review: Watch over your home on your Android

I always love to see different ways in which our mobile devices can benefit us. Web-based products and services have taken off in tadum...
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Easily record your game play with Samsung’s Game Recorder+

Samsung has released an app, named Game Recorder+ that allows users to easily record, edit, and upload game play from select Samsung devices.

Rumored LG T-Mobile G-Slate Specs are Touting 3D All Over The Place

There might be more to the LG G-Slate than we thought. GPS&Co is reporting that the upcoming tablet will come with a 8.9 inch 3D display (without glasses) and 3D recording capability. Of course, we must take this rumor with a grain of salt, but we can always hope and dream of these features coming to the G-Slate.