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How to install a custom ROM on your Samsung device

I did a previous post covering a process to install a custom ROM on any Android device, but there's a little more footwork for...

How to install a custom ROM on your Android device

We get’ve gotten all you can get out of your stock software and it’s time for a change. A solid  custom ROM is...

App Review: Rom Manager [VIDEO]

Thinking about flashing a new ROM? How about a theme? Chances are you googled it and were just too overwhelmed with all the steps. Thats where Rom Manager...

Goodies Extracted from Leaked myTouch ROM – Wallpapers, Promo Videos, and Yahoo Video Chat

It didn't take long for some of you to dig through the myTouch ROM we broke yesterday. One of Android Central's writers, Jerry Hildenbrand, pulled quite a bit out of the 311MB file and was only too kind to share it over on their forums.