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Deus Ex GO available for free for a limited time on Android and iOS

Deux Ex GO is the latest entry to free games being given to mobile gamers amid this lockdown. Download it today and find out if this is a game you asked for

NVIDIA Shield nabs Tomb Raider, other Square Enix titles

As if you needed another reason to consider picking up an NVIDIA Shield, the gaming console gets even better today. Indeed, the GeForce NOW...

Hitman: Sniper now available on the Google Playstore

Acclaimed video game developer, Square Enix announced on their official hitman blog yesterday that they will be releasing the game Hitman: Sniper on both...

Final Fantasy Games and others from Square Enix for Sale!

It’s that special time of year when sales abound aplenty in all kinds of shapes and forms. This one is no exception and this...