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Save on a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″

You can pick up a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch tablet for only $250 right now. It's a perfect summer companion device for people of all ages.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab review

The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is not your conventional Android tablet. Its unique design and Google Assistant integration make it a compelling experience.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8″ (LTE) is yours for just $135 today

You can pick up a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8-inch tablet for only $135 right now. It's a perfect summer companion device for people of all ages.

World’s first foldable smartphone just launched, but it’s not made by Samsung or Huawei

California-based startup, Royole unveiled the world's first foldable smartphone called the FlexPai. The device is already available for pre-order.

Lenovo releases new family of tablets with prices starting at $70

Today Lenovo dropped several new tablets on us from the family friend E series all the way to the higher end M10 and P10 models.

The first Chrome OS tablet goes on sale

The first Chrome OS tablet was just announced by Google and Acer. It's called the Chromebook Tab 10 and despite the name it's a slate not a laptop.

ASUS ZenFone V Live and Samsung Galaxy Tab E are now available at Verizon

Looking for purchase a budget smartphone? Why don’t you check out Verizon’s latest offering in the category? The carrier this week introduced the ASUS...

Lenovo unveils the new Moto Tab tablet, coming to AT&T on November 17

Despite the drought in new models, tablets aren’t really dead. Case in point, Lenovo yesterday introduced a new slate christened the Moto Tab, which...

Lenovo unveils new Yoga 920 convertible, Surface competitor, and Smart Assistant Pack

Lenovo came to IFA 2017 with a whole portfolio of new products including a new tablet, a convertible and an Alexa-powered Smart Assistant Pack...

Check out Temi, an Amazon Echo Show on wheels

A few months ago Amazon unveiled a new Echo product called the Echo Show which unlike previous models, incorporates a tablet which comes in-handy...

The Galaxy Tab S is still great three years later

Back in July of 2014, Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S to compete directly with the iPad and iPad mini. With comparably sized screens...

Quickly charge your phone by placing it on the LAER laptop sleeve

It happened to all of us – our smartphone or laptop ran out of juice when we needed it the most. It’s even more...

This $1,600 tablet is actually just a fancy music player

Streaming music from your smartphone to your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connected speakers isn’t enough for you when you’re at home? Then you’re probably going...

Cheap Alcatel A30 tablet with Android 7.0 available at T-Mobile tomorrow

T-Mobile just announced the new Alcatel A30 tablet will become available for purchase online or from participating T-Mobile brick and mortar stores across the...
alxum charge station

Alxum 96W 10-Port Charge Station (review)

More devices in homes means more batteries that need charging. More charging means more power ports being taken up which can make it difficult...