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Tello is an MVNO that uses Sprint’s network.

Here’s your chance to score six months of Tello for just $49

Save more than 40% on Tello's already-low prices with a plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of high speed data per month.

Enjoy these Fourth of July deals on apps and software

As summer hits its stride and the days are at their longest things are definitely heating up around the globe. More specifically,...

The best Android phones available at Tello

Prepaid brand Tello has but a few Android phones to choose from but some are better than others. These are the best of the bunch as of today.

Tello Buyer’s Guide

How much do you know about Tello, the wireless service provider that utilizes Sprint's network for coverage? Let us help you better understand the carrier.

Best phone plans for $20 or less

Forget spending $50 per month or more for a phone bill! Here are dirt cheap rate plans that cost just $20 per month, or less.

Working with a tight budget? These phone plans $15 or less

If you're looking for a cheap rate plan, you'll do no better than these options. Each is priced just $15 per month - or less.

Cheap cell phone plans that use the Sprint network

We've gathered a number of great offers from wireless providers. All of them share one thing in common: they're cheap plans that use the Sprint network.

Tello’s cell phone plans works for you, not against you

If you are looking to break free from greedy carriers or try something new, look no further than Tello. It offers a low-cost customizable cell phone plan with superb service and none of those exorbitant fees.

Tello review: An in-depth look at the Sprint MVNO

There are a few Sprint MVNOs available to customers. In this review, we take a look at Tello, a carrier you may know little about. Is Tello the right carrier for you? Read the review and decide.